30 - Birthday Special!!!

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Yep, it’s my birthday~

So, to celebrate, I though I’d give my HI peeps a little gift!

…what is it? My personal PvP team! I’m busy anyways, so might as well…I currently use this in master league, and have not had a single legit loss since. That means that excluding BAs and DCs, this strategy does not lose. Period. So Kamis, hackers, stegos, etc all get owned by this…if you know how to use it. Anyways, the majority of matches are won with 6 to 9 arkadion standing. 6 is average, while 9 is when I’m lucky with a few BA…or if the person sucks. Sometimes it goes down to 4, but that’s when the opponent is far luckier, and that hardly happens anyways.

So it does work. You just need to know how to use it! :wink:















Don Penguini

Like I said before, you should NEEEEVER have to use Don Penguini. But we’ll see, hmm? I’ll provide no description for this strategy. May the best PvPer win. n.n

Nice team tib and happy birthday!!!

Thank you! n.n

Happy Birthday bro.

Thanks man. :slight_smile:

I think i may have ran into this team and won, or something similar to this team.

But that aside, happy b-day, you’re now one year closer to dying :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird. I know for a fact that I didn’t lose a legit match with this. Did you get a ton of BA in that match? If not, then it must have been something similar. I myself ran into something similar…well, some parts were, but the rest was messy. 

And thanks…wait…that’s my line! >.>


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIB.  Hope you have a great day yours was close to mine. Mine was yesterday.  AWESOME team strategy.

Happy B-Day bud :smiley:

Hey guys, can anyone please tell me what’s TIB’s GC? Thx~^^

Anyways, happy B’day Tib and Mason!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Happy birthday to both of you!!! :slight_smile:

happy birthday!
i tried this lineup…my opponent kept on getting crazy lucky with bonus actions and beat me. this happened twice in a row.

I’ve played people with lineups very similar to this. When scrambled, they rarely (and I mean rarely) recover very well. :frowning:

That’s strange. I win even if opponents get BA…

And the only way this can possibly get scrambled is if someone runs a SS+__+Chopper and then Mechadino…and if that’s the case, then there are wasted slots being used. Plus, most arkadion here work well with each other. There are countless combinations that this team offers. There is absolutely no reason for this team to NOT be able to recover. It’s part of the reason why I made this team. Scrambles don’t really affect it, BAs don’t severely damage it (unless it’s severe), and…heck, even suffering a blow from minespider and then losing your own minespider doesn’t hurt that bad.

I’m seriously unsure of how this can’t work.

This team is seriously a beast, I’ve won my last two matches with around 6 arks left each time. And the teams I faced were not push overs, they had a ton of OM arks and other high star arks well placed. Idk, this team just plows through.

It really does depend how they’re using it. If they continually use only focus on my “stronger” arks, despite them having a fair amount of TU before their next turn, my “weaker” arks get multiple attacks in whilst they’re busy killing something that probably wasn’t going to get another attack in. I’m not saying it’s the team. It’s the player.

Just beat someone using this strategy, funny thing is… They were also using this same strategy lol

cool team happy birthday tib :slight_smile:

For future reference, in case people do start wondering if it does work or not - Just beat a Kamiwyrm+Charcalynx+Stegosaur user who had all OM arks as well…with a healthy 6 arks left to spare. :wink:

Crystal - yeah, I get what you’re saying. The better teams that I post are more like rewards for the capable strategists here on HI. n.n

I understand if many people…er…can’t interpret it to maximize its potential.

Kenpatrol - Glad you like it :slight_smile:

And that’s amusing. Just goes to show how important skill is. Tis why I like these games.

XG - Why thank you. :slight_smile: