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Happy Holidays, everyone! Tis the season for sharing and all that jazz. So I’ll be sharing one of my own personal teams! I know that these work, because I test these in Master League all of the time…and get a lot of wins with them. I’d have virtually no losses if it weren’t for disconnects, tiredness, lucky stunners, a lot of key BA from the enemy, etc…so yeah…trust me, these work~

Now…these teams are all made for their own time. This means that they will constantly be evolving. Also, I will never post instructions for these teams. I will only give hints. After all, what’s the fun in that? :wink:

A late Merry Christmas to you all, and I wish you all a happy New Year!

Now, for what I promised…this team can counter every single strategy that has been made so far. So yeah…















Don Penguini

Hint 1: Never use Daydream unless your opponent has no Shadowstalker, your monsters have a lot of TU anyways, or an enemy arkadion used Guardian.

Hint 2: There are three different strategies with the earth team. It’s your job to judge the situation and do what is best.

Hint 3: You should never have to rely on Don Penguini. Ever. You should always end before Angelon. Those are there for security. I’ve never had to bring out Don in Masters before. So play it smart.

Hint 4: There are so many Shadowstalker teams at the moment…umm…oops? I didn’t mean for that to happen. Anyways…two similar teams against each other…tough battle, hmm? So play it smart.

A strategy to search how to on our own?

Yep. I will give the teams, and only those who figure out how to use it will be able to get the reward. I don’t want to have 100 people running this team.

I see:p well its no use for me cuz i can only pvp friends but good luck to others

Good call. Cause Im seeing people trying to use your orcow/dreamhunt strategy and failing (myself included :))


Well, the dreamhunt strategy really shouldn’t lose unless it’s against a counter-team or an experienced player. This team that I use is a full counter against orcow/dreamhunt, charcastun, classic beatdown, and penguini showdown.

I can maybe use it in the infinite dungeon but that wouldnt take alot of strategy haha

There are better strats for ID.

Nice team, I will try it, with some modifications though.

Snow ja maybe too slow after time bomb, maybe blood claw will be better?

I swapped the position between Frillzeon and Magmawyrm, so that when Frillzeon jumps in there are already two Fire Arks.

Also the Army Flame combo consists of 3 dragons, which is quite risky. I have replaced Infernowyrm with Goldenhorn.

For people don’t have destructor like me, I would recommend omegawyrm raioh angelon and don.

Well…I change my mind, I will address some stuff. Lol

Snowja will be out at the same time as minespider most of the time. It’ll no guard. Then Minespider will explode, and snowja will hit heavily with a xeno. 2 for 4…not bad, hmm?

I put the fire arks where they were because infernowyrm will likely overlap with the earth team, leaving fora no guard and heavy bashing. Since the monster after infernowyrm will likely have  alot of room due to opponents using a lot of TU, Frillzeon can then use No Resist and use Brashburst instead. Or, if Inferno is still alive, a nice Army flame that is powered with a lot more magic due to NR.

Yep, the famous Omega+raioh+Angel+Don method. Gotta love it, eh?

Cool stuff. Agree.

After a second thought, yes Snowja will be better than Bloodclaw, because opponent’s Shadowstalker will be there (most of the time).

The Fire team’s setup sounds very logical. It should work, I will try that out. Though I am still a bit worried about opponent’s Destructor, especially my omegawyrm is right after magmawyrm.

There is a possibility that you will have Shadowstalker + Mossgolem + Rooknight (since Snowja is so fragile). If you cast no defence, Shadowstalker will fall easily (its Chaiw Claw still won’t inflect much damage). If you don’t cast no defence, there seem to be no damage dealer. Or is this the daydream + dream hunt time?

And it seems that if the opponent has Barry/Destructor coming out at mid-late game, this team is going to take them out by brute force? Since there are no Holy or Metal slashers near the end.

Destructor and Barry are both valid threats that you have a right to be worried about.

But they will still fall :wink:

Trust me n.n


Would you consider swapping the Rooknight for Gearhound now that its out. I know you’re interferring with 3 earth creature synergy, but if the gearhound is a superior creature with similar function… why not?

In my opinion, Rooknight and Gearwolf are both bad monsters to use.

But it’s up to you to decide which one to use, I guess.

Who can i puy in destructor’s place? It is the only monster i dont have, i have all monsters S ranked
I am using stegospike in it’s place until you can help me because stego is pretty op

I use bloodclaw in replace of destructor and it works very well.