Ok so I just beat Zephys and it said it would give me someone of it’s power and stuff. When I go to check my team I don’t have Zephys on my team? But when I check the pedia it says I have a LV.0 Zephys? Plz someone help me

When you go into a battle you can “click” on your hero on the lower right side of your screen to summon him.  This is assuming the bar is fully charged through prior battles.  

^Going off of that, each time you use him, it increases in grade. This isn’t the same as normal monsters though. It’s more like…the more you use it, the stronger it gets. You cannot use him again until you return to town, even if you refill the bar. I think.

Tibs got it

Yeah but most of the first ones u get became very useless

the last one you get is fairly helpful even if it doesnt do much later on in the game i.e infinite dungeon however it does provide more sustainable damage. so. yeah hah just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

They’re all helpful in the infinite dungeon. They may not be that powerful offensivly but they will take a few hits that would otherwise have gone to your team.

Well Zephys, Arborus and the fire one are down in one hit:P Dahag stands for 2… Deucalion maybe 4 and Tiamat can hold out the longest

I suppose they have some use…but yes, Tiamat is the only one that I would willingly use tbh.

Just wondering if the first ones drop in rank like in blue dragon island after they are used so many times?

The more you use them the stronger they get, once they get to S+ they stay at that level. As far as uses I’ll use arborus if I’m leveling arks up, he’ll take out a couple of bite schools and about 1/3 of the time he’ll heal my other arks.