New type of hacker

I’m not really sure what is that but let me explain.
I got destroyed 2 times with his 3 first monsters, each monster get 3 BAs in every turn. The first time I was like ok he have luck, but 2 times in a row same guy exactly the same number of BAs for each monster… A little bit too Suspiscious for me. Someone have ever meet a guy like this ?

yes, i think his GC’s name was byebye plus some numbers…cant remember clearly.

do you confirm??  :slight_smile:


Lol~ he’s in the forum, let him talk to you :stuck_out_tongue:

is that a litte harsh or am I just not getting the joke?

You’re not getting the joke

I didn’t think I  was wats the joke?

That Byebye was reporting himself as the hacker

It’s friendly jesting

ahhh ok fair enough

… I’m still not getting it, but okay. ^^;

ya me neither

Ok ok I admit :wink:

Don’t know if to take you as legit hacker…or just a joke…I’ma go with number two.

lol  its just a joke! :smiley:

:smiley: hahaha~~

This is why God created stun-skin…