Which arkadion should I catch now?

Hi guys

right now I have this team: Hydrowyrm (51), Leviathan (46), Vulcaraptor (45), Meowzard (40), Georex (40), Raptorex (45), Searex (44), Fireheart (36), Cherubion (43), Puffoxin (35), Thunderback (43), Stegodon (29) and some other low level arks. Right now I am in the first desert city (Handal), which arkadions should I try to catch in that zone for a solid team?

lookin at you team i don’t see a lot of wind type you should try catch some :slight_smile: when i was in the desert i made my raijin with four Raioh, it’s quite good, maybe also a Voltiger :slight_smile: