I’m having serious issues with Xenoslash, a move that my Destructor has. Basically, it says its power is reduced by “99.90% per enemy with the same element as this Arkadion”. And indeed, when I attack shadow arks (Destructor is shadow), it does 0 or maybe 1 unit of damage. However, I’ve also attack holy and even water arks, and have it do nothing. This has cost me at least two close PVP matches where I essentially lost a turn.

So is this a bug, or is it in fact that if there is ANY shadow ark in the opposition line up (of 3, visible on screen), that the move is useless on ANY type of ark, regardless of whether it itself is a shadow ark. If so, is this a bug, or is it intended?

Additionally, although I can’t test this so easily, Destructor’s AoE attack Dracobane, which is increased 300% when attacking a dragon seems to be increased 300% against any other ark in the opposition line up, as long as there is one dragon among the three on screen. Which is basically the same issue (but in reverse), and I believe identical to Morpheus’ attack in DIB. Again, is this intended?

If there’s a shadow element in the three enemies currently out there, then it won’t do much damage to any of those three.

Thanks Ashley :slight_smile: