Glitch with Army Flame?

I think I’ve run into a bug with the Army Flame attack. Seems that the damage reduces when there are less arks in the opposing team. Was doing around 700 damage to a Metallodious in the Inifinte Dungeon in a party of 3, then damage dropped to the 300 range when it was solo.

Will try to get some screens in another battle. Just wanted to see if other people were experiencing this.

EDIT: Damage with 3 allies:

Damage vs solo ark:

That’s odd. It shouldn’t happen with Army Flame, since that’s based on the amount of allies with you of the same element.

Something similar seems to happen with Destructor’s Dracobane. With more dragons, the damage to each dragon seems to be higher than if you’re fighting just one dragon.

But that skill is based on the opposing team, Army Flame isn’t. Very odd.

It’s the most obvious with Metallodious/Barricadus, since they tank damage. You see a drop in damage when it’s 2 opposing arks, then another drop when it’s down to just 1. It makes all the difference in the Inifitne Dungeon, since against a single ark, it no longer has the power to kill in a single hit.

I find that destructors Dracobane has the same problem.

We’ll barricadus has fang break so it could be what’s up with the lower numbers against him but I don’t know about metallodious.

That’s weird…MAYBE it’s fangbreak? Not sure…doesn’t Don Penguini have this problem?

and I think destructor’s ability is +300% for every opposing dragon…

Ur so lucky to have 3 frillzeons I dont even have one ! :frowning:

I have 19 of them lol, working on my single player team of ALL Frillzeons

It could be Fang Break vs Barricadus, although the drop in damage seems apparent even after attacking with different Frillzeons. Other tanky arks, wyrms and high level arks have the same issue though, so I’m pretty sure it’s not Fang Break causing the damage reduction.

HOW ? Do u time eggs?:stuck_out_tongue: I just click stop then look away and then I hope I got something good because I can really not time eggs…

Yeah I time lol, I got fed up with the prizes that I was normally getting that pushed me to time eggs

Yeah Don Penguini’s Showdown also has the same problem…