Would you rather have Mojinator or Moku?

  • Mojinator
  • Moku

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The title of the topic says it all. This is for research purposes.

Neither the shiny blue moji is obviously superior to both.

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My answer was obvious but they both are from the same family

I was expecting a lot for New moji but as a result 2 moji were comedians

None :unamused:

Easy choice. The people’s Mon.

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If Moku and Mojinator got in a fistfight, who wins?

Moku has big muscle and Mojinator has big armor so it’s hard to tell who is the winner but they wouln’t fight they are all from the family and they prefer peace over violence.


Hulk vs Ironman’s Hulk buster :wink:


One Mojimojiha Z is enough to demolish that tin can :joy: