Would farming for 30 minutes a day be the same as 5 hours?

Would farming for 30 minutes a day for an extended period of time be the same as 5 hours a day? I get very bored!

Farming 30 minutes a day over the course of 10 days would = 5 hours of total farming, so yes.

Statistically i would try and do it in one sitting… Don’t want to discourage you with the details… but than again luck could be a more prevalent option 30 minutes a day.

Technically it has the same odds but i agree with yon, because with me it just feels like im not gonna see it, its like i sit for 30 minutes and have no luck, then i sit for another 30 minutes, no luck but if i go in 1 sitting it works

Depends on how fast you want them. If you have patience, don’t bother doing too much in one sitting. But if you need them really fast, then do a lot in one sitting (provided you have the time).