Worst ways to lose (Encounter with bitter beast)

Battle 1
So I encountered Bitter Beast yesterday.
I had enough monsters left and I Bitter beast, he had over watch so he gets the turn and attacks me with desperate strike.

Then does overwatch again, again on attacking him, he gets the turn since he has over watch and also hold ground ability, he uses desperate strike again.

Chewed all my remaining monsters, since he had overwatch always and hold ground.

The only way to defeat him is if I had poisoned him (then hold ground wouldn’t matter)

Then there was another battle where this Monster has clone as well as heal teammate ability (don’t remember the game but looked red in color)

So he keeps cloning himself at 25% HP (To mke things worse he even had stealth) and then keeps healing them to full life, the clone does this too and his clone as well since they have stealth it makes it difficult to stop them from doing so.

The above 2 were my most pathetic battles recently, felt like I was being cheated to be honest :cry:

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yeah thats probably not the best way to beat bitterbeast…

For worst ways to lose one time I intentionally stunned a bulbiebloom and forgot it kills everything if it’s stunned too much.


If you don’t have piercing/poison moves to kill him or knockback/stun moves to temporarily disable him, it’s best not to touch Bitterbeast.

Enemy monsters with Overwatch will keep spamming the move if they can or if they don’t have any Desperate/Healing/any other move which needs to be used immediately ready. Poison is the only way to prevent them to spam Overwatch.

Bitterbeast shouldn’t be touched if u can’t Pierce or poison . After his desperate strike , u will get around 100s to kill him .

As for clones , u should keep an eye on the newest clone . Kill it and the chain will end .

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I think maybe what would’ve worked is if you skipped with all your monsters behind Bitterbeast. You then take one attack from it (doesn’t matter) and with your first monster hit it into red health. It gets a turn and does desperate bite. However, you now get a turn with all your monsters to put it onto low health and kill it.


I think i did try this. Not sure what happened

As like I said i had enough monsters like 3 or 4.

I did start skipping them to come after him, don’t remember much now why that didn’t work.

Also what’s the deal with

I see many people have listed that monster as one of the best.

Whenever i see him on the field i kill him instantly

Yet be keeps coming back for 3-4 other opponent monsters.

Whats this sorcery???

Seriously i see him in a match and I am like Damnnn this again

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When he comes on the field don’t touch him and he will die after some time. I think it’s 300 seconds. Alternatively you can knock him back.

If he is in the FL you need to knock him back, repulse him or put him to sleep. Another option is to bring his health as low as possible then let him kill himself with his blood grave move if he gets charged. Because his auto death sentence against himself won’t trigger in the FL.

If you have low TU monsters that can sweep well you can continue killing him until the end:)

You should either knock him back or let him die from his bloodcrave recoil damage . For that u’ll have to carefully bring him to very low hp and let him kill himself if he is charged

When you encounter him in PvE, click the monster icon on the TU bar in the middle of the screen and read his passive description.

What does FL stands for?


Front line means.

Sorry i just started 3 weeks ago, would appreciate some help here

Cause whenever i see Ankoudragon or Bitterbeast or that one monster who can clone, stealth and heal and keeps coming again and again (Guess Heavenswrym), I am like :point_down:


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When you kill Ankoudragon a copy of it with full health gets added to a random slot in the enemy team. You have to let it sit on the field for 300s and die naturally. Putting it to sleep will help pass that time very nicely. It only dies after 300s if it entered the field, so if it’s there at the start of the battle (front 4 monsters - the “front line”) then you’ll need to knock it back or hit it onto low health so it kills itself with bloodcrave. It’s awkward to deal with if you don’t have the right monsters at the time but not impossible!

With cloning monsters the trick is to line up attacks so you can kill the new one that enters before it clones.

With monsters like Bitterbeast that have overwatch, hold ground and a move like desperate bite sometimes you just have to take the hit. However, lining up attacks so you can kill it afterwards and before it can overwatch again is important.

Always make sure you click on the monster icons while in the battle so you can read what skills the enemies have. There’s a lot to learn but this will help.


First 4 monsters

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Cue shameless plug lol

I wrote this thing up a while ago, hope it helps for future reference


Thanks I didn’t know about Ankoudragon, that he does naturally after 300 secs and will keep resurrecting if killed

Wow didn’t know there were this many. Thanks. Read them all

Just make sure to know that if they put ankoudragon in the first four monsters, it won’t die in 320 seconds.

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So if he’s FL (Frontline) he will keep resurrecting the entire game? :cry: