Wolfrozen and Wolfrozor?

Unfortunately I didn’t screenshot it nor did I get the name, but in sotf I met a team that had both Wolfrozen and Wolfrozor in it. Sorry, but isn’t there a restriction on bringing the same kind of monster in a team last I checked? Think it’s a hacker or some sort of weird bug?

If I remember correctly it’s actually possible to put either the 5* or the 4* (can’t remember which) into your team while the other is there, when you first make the 5* monster. I was able to put Galvbane (my first 5* starter) into my team while the 4* storm starter was in there.

As soon as you take one of them out, it will no longer let you put it back in unless you remove the other one. This may only be the case for the first 5* starter you make.

Such a long and hard way for 2 wolfs in a team lol

And why would he choose to have 2x the worst starter in the game…


I have two worst starters because I forgot to use potions before ultraevolving the first one…

This is nothing to do with chronozeros secret skill is it?

Don’t dig up old threads please.