Wild Monster Locations

Can we get a list of naturally spawning legendaries, super epics, and epics that spawn in the wild, as well as their exact confirmed locations? Please request any monster locations here as well.

I need Haniwel. The Fandom wiki isn’t specific enough.

it’s where the wiki says it is. I just spawned right outside of Rashar and looked for a spawn and there it was.
(don’t mind my team, it’s what I’m using for bond quest.)


I was a bit confused by your team. Anyway, I have searched the internet and forum, but certain rare monster that are hinted at in the towns don’t seem to have locations listed.

Are you talking about the SEs and Legendary found in the islands?

SE’s, Epics, and Legendaries(Though I am fairly certain Noxar is the only legendary on the islands)

Epics are on the last island in each temple

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The fandom wikia explains the location of pretty much all of them clearly enough to follow. I was able to find every island monster using it. KD's New Players Guide shows where you can find the most important monsters

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It doesn’t talk about the Goldtail on Desert Island though :thinking::face_with_monocle::roll_eyes:


You can also get sunlord , lunaling and glitchy