Locations of super epic, epic and legendary monsters

Where to find them? Help please to find epic, super epic and legendary monsters

Search this at youtube,
Where to catch lunaling, sunboy, glitchy, noxar

Lunaling, sunboy, glitchy is SE
Noxar is legendary

Anyone remember where you can catch goldtail?

“fantastic beasts and where to find them”


@NMEGaryOak On Pokemon Red/blue. They might have got the name wrong though because they call it Ninetails.

@LemonSqueezy you could only catch Vulpix/Ninetales in blue version you moron. Everyone knows that.

Telling someone with red version that they can catch ninetails somewhere in Kanto is grossly irresponsible. I loathe and detest the kind of person who would tell a new player that they could catch a nine-tailed dog type monster when in reality they cannot.

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Sorry but you’re wrong. Get the keys for the truck near the third gym, move it. The ninetails is hiding behind the mew. You’ll need the masterball. Get your facts right Gary or atleast ask your Dad…

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Are there other SE monsters located in the map?

Ninetails… you might as well use space there too, Nine tails

Nope, only those 3

I’ll add that the epic monsters are in the special dungeons on cursed island.

That’s just madness @Unown

Any idea where glitchy is?

I got a chaos rider

I just got penguini on that new ice island

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