who's the artist?

Who does the monster designs for Hunter island ? Is it the same people who did DIB ?

I never got to play DIB but I noticed the art direction was completely different…

Yep it’s the same people but apparently there was a huge request that the monsters look cartoonish

I didn’t play DIB but I saw pictures of DIB online and its a big difference indeed but I don’t mind the way theyre going with this tough im not a big fan of cartoonish ‘monsters’

…am I the only one who preferred DIB art?

I like HI dont get me wrong but i like the serious monsters more, and i am dying inside for dib red or whatever its called

No tiber its not just you

I just told u that I dont mind it but I dont like the cartoonish arkadions… some of them are nice but too cartoonish, I like a rough way of monsters better.

Is DIR real? Or just a rumor?

If it’s real…I will sooooo leave HI for DIR if it has PvP…like…in a heartbeat.

Me to i would love it

Well I didn’t play DIB and I dont really feel like starting at it but if a DIR would came out i would try to play it so I hope it too…

I was curious to know if the DIB artist had a deviant-art account or something… the artwork is dope.

And if its the same guy/girl that does HI now, then they changed their artstyle DRAMATICALLY… and that’s hard to do.
I’m an artist myself and I know first hand.

The Hunter Island designs (lines, colors) match the games graphics well… but those DIB designs are bad ass…

I don’t think it’s the same people…

I didn’t think so… still, kudos to both teams. I can imagine, from a design standpoint, it HAS to be a pain in the butt to come up with so many unique designs…

I don’t think it’s the same people either. You can tell the difference via the rendering which is … um … a little bit funny on some of the arks like Skywolf. The colour choices are also different. The HI art generally goes to white. And the style for HI art is fakemon whereas DIB goes towards realism.

At least one of the artists has DA. You can look up their username in credits page on the Titlescreen.

DIB looks cooler

Both games have an option to read credits, so comparing the lists shouldnt be a problem :slight_smile:

Thank you guys…