The shiny monsters are quite cool but is annoying when you have both the shiny and the regular mon. The shiny should be any of or the comibation of the ff.: (1) can be used on the same team with the regular mon (2) have different skills if even just a little (3) can be converted into potions or merged.

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Shiny Kamiwyrm has/had a different secret skill, but only by accident. I absolutely agree on the bonus thing. I hate not being able to use my Shiny Stormloch simply because its bonus is inferior.

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How do I get a shiny? Are they just really rare?

Yup. They appear from time to time. Though not all legends have shiny variants. :slight_smile:

You have to give certain monsters a moonstone and they will evolve into shiny versions

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Why not shiny stones? -_-

You strike me as the kind of person who chooses bulbasaur as their starter :thinking:


1/3 of hatching a shiny IF you hatch a legendary that has a shiny counterpart

I do as a matter of fact. :smiling_imp:

Lmao called it

So lavaronix, tiamof, three headed cancer dragon, talosknight and any others?

Black shadowcat
Red stormloch
Red kamiwyrm
Gold taloknight
Blue lavaronix
Pink Tiamof
Green tridrake

Thats all folks

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Don’t forget red, white, and blue Valza

I’d love a red bane dragon or something. Would say oakthulu but that woodnt work


I’ll kill myself now


I’m pine-ing to see how devs would spruce him up. I’m fir sure oak-ay with any new color schemes!

That was treemendous. But puns are a walk in the bark for me. So get on my level beech

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I hope Devs branch out and ficus their energy on coming up with a shiny version of Oakthulu. It would be a birch move if they didn’t. I willow-nly keep my fingers crossed.

Well the root problem is the devs barely care. They seem to lead the community to itself acorning to most players


@Dev_VKC are you guys considering this?

Cedar are lots of people who would roll for a shiny Oakthulu, it’s a surefire way to sycamore money out of players :+1: