Ideas for the creation of Monster Shiny. Share your ideas with us.

I was editing a Mantisamurai photo and decided to go into the array settings and loved this design and came up with possible abilities for it. You can share your ideas with us.

ELEM: Fire

Skill Actives:
Posion Gas - 50 sec
Posion Strike - 130 sec
Bloodthirst - 130 sec
Double Peircing Attack - 140 sec

Skill Pasives:
Immune stun
Union: Decay Aura

SS: Instant Double Poison Drain EX

Shiny Gentleowl - Shadow element.

Moves - Active
Dual Poison Siphon (100 tu)
Cheers?- adds a single opponents attack to its defence for 400 tu (130 tu) (1 use)
Heartbreaker/Ladykiller - Deals piercing critical damage to Female Humanoid monsters. ignores hold ground/shield (160 tu)
Poison Immune Punisher - (70 tu)

Moves -Passive
Sleep Immunity
Healing Revenge


I bet @NMEGaryOak will love the element you casually happened to choose for the shiny Scyther @TOG_BaNaNaHoT


Driving Licence


oh. i meant to limit that to 1 use.
Hmm. maybe i should add “for 400 tu” as a caveat as well to prevent BM.

Very original choice of an element

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