Who to spend an omegamid on?

I have three legendaries and I’m wondering who I should spend an omegamid to ultra-evolve when I finally get one. The three choices are Guardiron, Shadowstalker and Bahamuz.

Guardiron gets shocking entrance. Bahamuzar gets summon swarm. I would go with one of those two. If you can make use of throw I’d say bahamuzar. Otherwise start with the shocker

Indeed, Bahamuzar is probably the best option.

How much better is Shocking Entrance than Stunning Entrance? That might affect my choice.

Stunning Entrance stuns for 80secs whilst Shocking Entrance stuns for 160secs so basically it’s twice as good

I got Baha on this festival and Really really like him :ok_hand:t3:


Anyone know how often omegamid event?
Last time is at deodrac sale.
Any info would be appreciated

They usually came with the ultimate challenges,if you win the more difficult one (extreme? I don’t remember) you get two gems and an omegamid. 

But the event just for the omegamid is pretty unusual,the last one was in early may or at the end of april

I’m trying to decide the same thing for the new event however my options are between stormloch, dolph and flareven I think I want to do stormloch but I can run a poison team with flareven…

definitely bahamuzar, until he’s ultra evolved he’s not that good. There’s a big difference between summon minions and summon swarm.