Which one should I choose in Balancion's Trials rewards.

Omegamid or Cryptamid? I heard cryptamid can be found in the valley of pyramids. So I was thinking about taking omegamid. Though I have 3 omegamids and no cryptamid. I have galliovern and wrathengine which are not ultra evolved.
And which monster will be better from day 9 ?

Omegamid can easily be gained from PvP and online events

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In my case i have 0 Omegamid and 2 cryptamids. Every UE takes an Omegamid except some mystics. So I’m going Omegamid. But typically Omegamid are easy to get. Well more common

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One more thing. Can you guys suggest which one should I ultra evolve first? Wrathengine, Necrowhale or galliovern? I will also be able to unlock the ss.

Galliodragon can make an instant Desparate all…
Wrathengine is for pve and idk who’s necrowhale

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Necrowhale is a great tank. Its upper tier for tanking honestly.