Who is best Attacker

I think of Kirina first but, the problem is her whimsical passive. After her first attack, there were many cases where her hp became 1 and died quickly. What do you think?


There are some monsters which can hurt teammates and reduce Kirina’s health close to 50% HP, so that her passive is nullified. Those monsters are:

• Tezcacoatl’s Devastate after 2 Consume (tested in SCB)
• Saberdragon’s Electrocute
• most importantly of all, Painful Curse by Bundleblazer

Btw imho the most aggressive attacker in the game is Ahuizard for 5★ monsters, Novadrake for 6★ monsters, Kirina for 7★ monsters

0*-3* Yin/yang
4* Niloxov(s)
5* Ahuizard
6* Novadrake / orca / Nauticruiser :unamused:
7* Kirina

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Nah Padrinorca is more aggressive


Can we nerf him now? :slightly_smiling_face:

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No because usually a solid attacker may have weak defence or other weaknesses. Monsters that need nerfing usually have both high defence and high attacking ability. Or an OP passive like lemon

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I thought so too but what tipped the scales in Novadrake’s favour is his Bloodmove. 50sec, RAW and deals massive damage even after one kill.

do I hear 35tu RAW bloodthirst?

Spectrophin is more devastating then novadrake, the only issue is that it’s difficult to bring it to work.
And suikenshi is better then korina in 7 stars

Do you also hear my growls of anger

@SPN_GOAT the difference being that Spectrophin gets one turn per match on average, while Novadrake is a speedy fukka

Also imho Kirina has a higher killpower and durability than Suikenshi. Suikenshi is more effective when setup though, at least it seems so from what I’ve seen until now

The stupid thing is kirina have holdground at second form. :unamused:.with only 11 cost she is absolute strong,more then cresenando monster and very easy to build with her.And gangrilla too,I dont know why that myth have same skill like they already awaken.

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Lol Novadrake is a lot better than Spectrophin


Yeah it kinda bothers me a bit. Kirina does have a small difference (Desperate Strike instead of Stampede when 6★) but Gangrilla is completely equal. Bruh


Fought u this morning, u set up my Kirina completely and impressed me!
Good battle, really close

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But kirina is so much bettter, so I think the second form would be in more need of a nerf than gangrilla.

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Let her alone. If u talk like that, they have to nerf all 6* waifu mythics because they are at least usable.

Rn things are good as they are nothing needs to be nerfed. If they were gonna go on a nerf spree, I think kirina would be one they should look at tho


good game Brother, Kirina was really dangerous, if very close, your team impressive gg :fist_right::fist_left:

Gangrila maybe need revamp
Retalite to slayerbane or Sleep imunity to insomia (only at second form)

Dont forget about nautipod.he have 2 passive and no weakness in first form