Which Starter did you pick?

Pick one and then explain why


I like the way Glazio looks the most. But the Spark was a close second.

I went with Brakie, because I really liked Brakitorus’ look, and also I really relate with the Earth element considering my profession is geology :wink:

I picked frostkit because of his design but i do have to say spark looked cool too.

Sparkkk! This has a story to go with it too.

When I was in a GameStop circa 2008, I was 10 years old. I had no idea what Pokemon was, but I DID have a DS. I was there to buy a PS3 game. My mom got it, and she was waiting in line for the employee to attend her. I said to her “I’m gonna go check out other games while you wait.”

There it was. Pokemon Pearl for the Nintendo DS. At that time (and now still!) I was fascinated with animals. This game seemed to be about animals. You could catch and raise your own monsters! And only for the price of 30 dollars! I want this!

I quickly rushed to my mom “BUY THIS TOO!”

She said if I wanted to buy it, it had to be with my own money. I was willing to do it.

That same day, around 8:30PM, I got my hands on Pearl and placed it in my NDS. I started watching the (rather amazing, I must say) beginning video and I was simply fascinated. Keep in mind I had never heard about Pokemon at all before. Later I was greeted by Professor Rowan. “Who the heck is this?” I said in my mind. He started asking me some questions like my name and gender. “What is this even for?” I further wondered.

I noticed my name alters what is said in the dialogue and the gender is purely cosmetic. At least there’s SOME customization for it!

I had already gone about 1 minute into the game, and Professor Rowan asked me to pick a starter. This was it. Not Piplup, not Turtwig, it was that cute tiny monkey with that little flame in its rear… I picked Chimchar.

… Fast foward 3 weeks. My Infernape was now level 100. It was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I am very personally attached to my first Pokemon in the game, and, needless to say, I’ve transferred it to Black and White and I’m waiting on PokeBank to get it over to X and Y. Thank you, Infernape!

Now, Spark has to do with this story because they both share really similar characteristics. I got the same chill down my spine when I saw this cute little thing as Chimchar, and a wave of nostalgia just clouded my head.

Brakie, Because it works very well with the blue club. Plus it is a dragon type!


I usually go for the fire starter in these kind of games where possible but I didn’t really like the look of it

Brakie because brakitorus looked like typloshion grass version

Am I seriously the only one who chose snortling?

Reason: I love boars. Snortling’s final evo is a boar. Yes? Yeah.

Now, if there was a bird…

My second favorite would have to be Brakie. Snortling is probably my least favorite though, sorry Reset. :frowning:

I, on the other hand, dislike boars.

… <_<

I created some new save files and selected frostkit and spark.

But not brakie. Why not brakie?


I don’t know why…

maybe because i don’t like brakie’s final evo

Frost kit…kitty

Frostkit. Because it was cute!

I’m on the same exact page with the guy who posted about chimchar!!! That was the exact same reason I picked Spark xD

I believe Froskit is the new varg and Snortling is the new korora.


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<3 Frostkit. I usually go for water nowadays and she is cute! 

Reset: try frostkit as korora and brakie as ascalon if you’re going off appearance lol. 

No, I’m going off of popularity haha


I picked sakumon on geomon.

I picked brakie on HI.

Screw popularity, I got money :smiley:


You guys are already forgetting the names of your favorite Geomon? What a pity!

Frostkit, between turtle, ape, pig, and adorable kitty? Nuff said