So, what's your favorite monster?

So I posted this on the random discussions thread but now I’ve thought about it, it’s probably gonna get busier once the game is released so no time like the present!

So tell me everyone, what’s your favorite monster so far? I know not all of them have been released publicly, and there are several people with access to the beta who have maybe already seen some we haven’t so just, of what you know, which is your favorite?

I’d have to say mine is the Flamogun as he looks quite serious and intimidating but still keeps that fun cartoom essence to him.

I’d go with Shadowkit,Shadowstalker & Dreadwolf. But I would just stick with Dreadwolf.

plasmorex hands down for me.

Dreadwolf is pretty cool, admittedly. Plasmorex is cooler though haha

Of the ones posted on Facebook (since I can’t talk about the ones that haven’t been posted on there - we beta testers aren’t allowed to give away the game):

This One.

leafy and spark and all of it evolutions i gonna get then :3

My personal favorites from the facebook page is Frostkit, Frostbite, Blizzard, and Glazio. They look like a cuter version on the Snow Panther from Dragon Island Blue :smiley:

I have a new favorite now. But, sadly, I can’t release information about it yet. I will say, though, that you guys will like it when you get to play!

vulcarex owns everything else.  Hes cartoon-ey and over-the-top, which makes him (or her, i dont judge) really awesome.

he especially owns the tree boss.

How come I haven’t posted?

I love pearex, in terms of appearance. I also love pearex.

Did I mention I love pearex?

Forgive me, but exactly what do you find interesting about pearex?  its just a small dinosaur with feathers.  Isnt even paerticuluarly cartooney.

which is why i formally accuse you of being - addicted to cuteness!

Just? Just? It is a SMALL dinosaur with FEATHERS, therefore making it a bird.

And it’s not JUST a bird. It’s a SMALL bird.

I love:

small things


Pearex = scientifically a bird that’s apparently small

Shadowkit is cute.

Frostkit is cute.

Levi is cute.

But they aren’t birds.

Now, these are birds, apparently, but pearex resembles a chicken more, in my opinion. AND I LOVE CHICKENS. It also looks… well, smaller, and more petite. EPIC.

Plus, pearex has a cute name. Pea. Rex. That’s so sweet and endearing, I don’t even.