Which monsters to focus on?

New to the game, wondering what is the most important thing to look for when building a party - trying to get all A or S letters, trying to get monsters with 3 evolution stages (Are these better than ones with only 2 or none?), trying to balance between all the elements… not sure what I should be focusing on. Thanks!

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Firstly I would read this, http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/1154-a-quick-tip-for-starters/

The first egg you get does have dragon hatchling and they are quite useful (as well as powerful), so trying until you get one of those might be a great first start. (i’d strongly recomend this, but not necessary)

But really getting to the end of the game even, unlocks some powerful creatures:




(all of the above are fusions you unlock near the end of the game)

The biggest thing to gauge an ARK’s (creature) power is by the stars. The greater the stars (usually) the greater the power.

This details some rare ARK’s but since your just starting I wouldn’t recomend farming for starters/hatchlings as it isn’t necessary at this point (unless you’re into that).


Luck with golden eggs helps (or timing if you can get it down)

But really, I’d shoot for a hatchling from the first egg you open and just start playing the game =D

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ALSO: In the first town there is a tombstone: click it and type in Type in “dragon island” a nice S class (pretty useful creature)

Letters in my opinion. The letters will help massively in PvP. 3 stages of evolution doesn’t exactly matter as some monsters only have 2 but are very strong. And different types will help but as you go through I would say just catch anything you can that way when it comes to needing 101 Arkadions captures for arkwing your not then having to go catch loads when could of done it while going through the game

Great, thanks - just so I’m clear, keep deleting and starting over until I get a dragon with the first egg spin after defeating the Fang?

Edit: I’m terrible with timing but got lucky and got a Bluey on the third try :smiley:

That was correct and grats!!! at this point I would just continue on the game and enjoy yourself. Farming is a bit tedious and really only gets important when all recipes are unlocked(this happens at the end of the game though) so I’d take in all the sights and hope for some luck in them golden eggs.

O and don’t forget the tombstone ARK, he’s pretty helpful I added it after the fact just in case you missed it

And one more word of recommendation: Don’t try to stay in a spot to farm for S grades or you won’t get the story done. Go through the storyline first and get all the awesome benefits of completing the game (like a higher catch rate, less grinding time for lower levels, etc) plus grade boosters. And then you can go back and hunt for better grades for PvP.

Of course this is just a suggestion, you can play it however you want. x> Whatever makes you comfortable! Good luck and have fun!

Try using ur luck in golden eggs aswell, They have great arkadions

I was wondering about this, would I have a chance doing the weekly missions with only level 17 and below monsters or would I be wasting gold? If they scale the challenge to your level it would be ok, but I’d hate to lose the gold just to get wiped out in one round  :rolleyes:

You wouldn’t get far so I wouldn’t bother. Other ones you have bin able to get eggs majority of the way through but this weeks one was just the one egg so your better off not doing it and getting on with the story line which will also help you for next online mission if try that one

The XP is pretty good in there though. My first run helped me leel up my little ARK’s but having hopes of clearing it are pretty until you get a full team with strong guys.

Depends on the mission.  The one before this one had a free normal egg on each level where you could get some monsters you might not have yet.  And then there’s the XP.  

Ok another noob question, sorry - I can’t figure out why some monsters can be the same kind and the same letter but their name is a different color? Thanks!!

No worries mate! That is actually a great question! The name color is different for each of your oponent’s three currently visable ARKs. This is so you can better link them to their timers on the left side of the screen. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what creature is up next when you are facing the same creatures the different colors help you tell which oponent is next (sometimes it’s best to kill them so they can’t hit you, or if it is a creature you’ve stunned you may not want to accidentally kill it since it isn’t a threat).

Hope that helps =D

I find it useful for PVP sometimes. If something is stunned I check name colors to see what not to hit.

This Also helps if u and ur opponent have the Same ark then u can see which one Goes first

That makes perfect sense, thank you! There’s one thing that’s confusing me though - when I’m sorting my benched monsters in town there are two letter sort options, one alphabetical and one by colored letters?

The “colored letters” are the grades which determine how many bonus actions you will have. It’s more like the chance but you know what I mean. (I think)

The alphabetical…well. It’s alphabetical I think.