Which monsters need a Nerf?

Yeah . I think it’s the first time. If don’t fool me your teams are never vulnerable to my jurlunger configuration

Zomboid needs a limit on how many times it can come back.

You say that ap are ■■■■ now but Zomboid is too strong? It actually has a fun mechanic and Shi Na is another good example of that.

@Dev_VKC where are BQ for new myths bro.

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Well yes because a block rate and a revival rate are 2 different mechanics aren’t they.

I still think Shi Na should not have her passive active if there are no monsters in reinforcements.

That would make her whole gimmick be gone.

It’s too much with the reviving mechanic of Yin/Yang. It might not be a huge problem now but it will become one for sure if not changed.

From what I experienced till now it was festival (with broken legendary) and haven’t faced anyone running her yet, so she might not be as appealing to people. From my experience she needs a 1 or 2 mark mons to really pull a good combo.

I’m just thinking about the monsters that will be released in the future.

Edit. I’ve faced Shi Na in PvE a couple of times and it’s just too annoying.

-The only active counter is AoE. Dual attacks can’t even select Shi Na when a Yin/Yang is alive.

-Yin/Yang respawns infinitely when killed

-70%-90% chance of being revived even when killed by an AoE

-Most nullifying hits are single target and Shi Na can make a new Yin/Yang when one is killed.

It’s just too annoying to face and will end up in too many situations where you can’t select her and the only option is to lose.

@Dev_VKC I think it would be better to change Zomboid’s passive skill so that it only activates when it is defeated by an enemy attack. Currently, it is extremely strong even though it costs 6 because it can be revived by attacks from allies. I don’t think this change is a problem because changing the condition to only attack from enemies doesn’t change much from what the developer intended or from the basic way users use Zomboid.


How do you know that? Did we get a statement from Devs when Zomboid was released explaing that they DO NOT want players to use is as a free food for other monsters?

It’s easier said than done. You need to waste a mark skill and then you are able to spawn another one. Everything has to line up and you have to plan your marks if you know the enemy is not stupid enough to let her rebirth. If she runs out of marks she can only spam wave.

It should give enemy the zomboid :joy:




Think we got a statement as a like :joy_cat:

@Dev_VKC Sir Lancerat will he get nerf before rank? he makes the stun nerf look silly.


And then they are using it with it Volcaiga or Huskie to stun and use 300tu pushback on top of it.

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Perfectly balanced
Devs should take more time to test monters before release instead of writing fairy tales or whatever story it as on is move
Almost cost me the battle

Welcome to the new endgame meta.