Which legendaries can you get on the ordinary wheel

So which ones can you get from the normal wheel and which were a special egg only?

So which ones can you get from the normal wheel and which were a special egg only?

I’m pretty sure you can see which monsters you can get from normal eggs. Above the friend chest arrow, there’s a list of monsters menu. The one’s shown in white are the normal egg monsters you can get. If it’s written in blue, its a limited time only monster 

Thanks, I really want a gold tail but apparently you can’t get it from the ordinary gold egg but on the wikia it says from gold egg not event gold egg, is this a typo or am I understanding it wrong, has anyone got a slyphox from a normal egg or is it actually not possible?

It isn’t possible.

I got my goldtail from a special egg.

Dang, I really wanted a gold tail, out of all the legendaries I wanted gold tail ;-; oh well I’ll just hope that there’ll be another chance of getting him soon

Why goldtail? There are better ones out there. 

Well he looks awesome and I like his potent sleep ability idk why I like him so much I just do :sweat_smile:

Potent sleep is amazing in pvp.

still can get destroyed like any other monster too though… shadowhunter better too. 

Goldtail is good in pvp with a protector.

I just got shadowkit today…

I have a plus +1 Goldtail, a stormloch, and now shadowhunter. btw 47 seconds for potent sleep on Goldtail - if only I had Aegisdragon!!! 

I think I may have to make a sleep team!

It tells you what monsters are available on normal wheel. Before you spin you can check the Monster list

Man I wish I could make a good sleep team, I’ve got a timestrike and a poison one but I’d love to have a good sleep team