list of egg only monsters.

Some monsters can currently only be obtained through gold eggs. they will in the future be available in other ways, mostly online missions.

They are as follows:


theres a few others Im not sure if they are in eggs or not, if you know, comment below.

Vegitiger, available through 560k diamond in pvp, but there shouldb’t be anyone near 400k diamond by now

Vegitiger, as well as anubis, have other ways they are available in game already implemented, thats why I didnt list them. Ppl will eventually reach them.

I got lucky and got Vegitiger in a Gold Egg! Certainly helped with PVP anyway, it’s an absolute machine.


what about charcalynx. i think thats how you spell it. someone in pvp had it.

as Im pretty sure gearhound shouldnt be in eggs, need that confirmed though. Im adding charcalynx

i got a gearhound from polymorph… wasnt sure where or how to get it otherwise though

Ah, so youve never seen it in an egg? Well, theres a lot of future event monsters thats simply not obtainable atm. Gearhound is one of them.

Hello guys, I have an image which has the portraits of all existing monsters in the game, does anyone want me to post it?
And if yes, is there any rule which doesn’t allow such image to be posted?

It’s better if you contact one of the administrators first. ^^

I’ve seen a Coldheart floating about in an egg in the last 24 hours or so. I’m not sure if that coincides with it ending as a launch reward? So it should be on the list I guess.

Now when its not a gift, yeah. Might have to add don penguini later too.

I don’t think hadehound can be obtained in a gold egg…have never seen one in a gold egg before and I have gotten quite a lot of gold eggs

Yeah I have never seen a Hadehound from any gold eggs either.

Its one of those rare pop ups

The ones I consider rare pop ups are Hade, Moss, Shiza, bloodclaw, and Charca

Everything else is reasonably common to uncommon

I’ve gone through a few hundred eggs recently and don’t recall seeing hadehound either

I too have not seen a hade hound either, but i thought maybe i’ve just been pretty unlucky

well i have every single other one to S rank, i find it hard to believe i missed hadehound that entire time, but i suppose its possible

until someone confirms that hadeshound is in eggs now, Ill remove it