Where does Shadowkit spawn?

Anyone know? Thanks!

Online Mission Eggs or you can buy the eggs for gold.

it does not spawn wild anywhere

According to dead pool they’re going to be released in the wild after the season

Really!? So there gonna release OM arks after the season!?!?? Diwjansnensnxnemeksodkk kcdjfk oh rejoice! Im so happy =D

Where would they spawn though unless you added a brand new OM island for people who finished the game. Just an idea. Comment on it. Good idea or not?

They could hide their lower forms just about anywhere on the map, then it will be up to people to get lucky and find them. And the rest of us to hope someone is kind enough to post the location they found them at.

I doubt They Will release them , these are too rare and powerfull to set Free

nope after this season (4 weeks from now) they will be releasing every single om ark for everyone
How ever I do not currently understand how they are going to implement them into the game. :slight_smile: