Where Did Santa Clause Come From??

Lol as the title says where did this creature came from, and dont tell me from the north pole who created this thing lol

It was bred from the hatred, blood, tears, and sweat of the devil-arkadion. His name…was Yetigo.

It was made of the spirit of the reindeers

yetigo SHALL PAY


But santa has enemies! Freezerbear and Snowja arent too happy with him

Rudolph I recall hearing was actually part of an add campaign. So technically, Dasher prancer etc, shall pay ;3

See! I was right hahaha

I shall catch an army of freezebears HAHA

Rudolph still shall pay…Cut of the red nose YAH lol

Wikipedia, every knowledge buffs best friend

Wikipedia is the last place ill go for information nowadays…anyways so basically a fat man who’s name is Saint Nicholas had powers to ride reindeers and could give gifts to people, and the day for it was on the 6th of December(which was my Bday Btw :)) so yeah lol

Wikipedia is the lazy mans thing, yeah…

Yeah ! I forgot Santa is from Wikipedia!

He was created by the dreams and wishes of children, and to thank them for his creation.  He gives presents to the nice kiddies and coal to the naughty ones ever December 25th. 

Santa is a creepy old man who stalks children and watches them in their sleep and knows when they are awake. ._.

Oh and santa was born from consumerism and the heartless company owners who wanted a gimmick to sell their products. At least now a days anyway

I though he came out from a mountain of lava and there were hurricanes and tornadoes in the area at the time. He later on went and realized he had magic powers then he casted his magic on the first animal he could find the reindeer and made them fly :slight_smile:

Alright…I admit it

I am The Santa Claus

This may seem dumb, but if I’m correct, Santa Claus was created by Coca-Cola.

Santa Claus has a evil twin! His name is Atnas Sualc

There is also Clawz…

I red it was the whole red suit + white fur thing that was invented by Coca-cola