A little something to get people in the holiday mood!

Snowflake dragon!


pulling a sleigh


Have a happy holidays!

Lol , well all I have to say is Have a nice christmas and a happy new year!

Why have reindeer when you can have a dragon?

Because Santa is afraid of dragons.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope You Enjoy Your Holidays.

Cool Dragon But It would probably eat santa lol.


I love your pixel art, jjchen! Thanks for sharing the adorable image!

Happy holidays, everyone!

sweet dragon :slight_smile: happy holidays to you all!

My ears hurt…

Naw, JK

Love it~…and dragons prefer to eat healthy. Don’t think Santa would make for a good snack xD

Happy holidays, folks!


minor adjustment, lost the scary teeth and made it a little more sparkly
Elf samurice!

oh my chickens

look at that amazing pixel art

i could just lick it

Uh, kook? … Lick it? Uh… Ok, i guess?

Thats reset , as Birdy as ever