where can i find these Arkadions?

I was playing PvP and saw a Bloodclaw, Arkwing, Infernowyrm, Fireheart, Minespider, Subzeratops, Stegospike, and Pyroviper, and i want them but i dont kmow where they are, dose anyone know where they are? thxs.

Bloodclaw - gold egg only.

Arkwing - catch 101 different arkadions

Fireheart - evolves from Tinder, Karad Cave northeast of Earun

Minespider - gold egg only

Subzeratops - gold egg only

Pyroviper - evolves from sizzler; one step above Azid Ziggurat (the pyramid) in the desert

what about stegospike

egg only

Sorry, missed that one haha

this and it’s fine :slight_smile: and dang, people I vs get lucky a lot

Also a rooknight