This isnt about the hatchlings but I am looking for more dragon type monsters so I can complete the Agramis 21 dragon thing, I’m currently at 19 dragons needing only 2 more. So if anyone could help me with some of the more rare dragons post 200 preferably 


I am also wondering the same thing…I’m at 18/21 and would like to know which ones apply


There is arkwing that you get when you capture 101 different arkadions
The skull dragon
The dragon you get when you fuse a leviathan an a cherubim angelon I think it’s called
And infernowyrm which I got from a good egg


Searex, Blazewing, Raptorex, Leviathan, Pyroviper, Skullrex, Angeleon, Plasmorex, Greenking (Pvp reward), Naga (PvP), Sledgeskull, Orbling (PvP), Frillzeon (egg), the 4 hatchlings.


well, that was kind of a let down, got the 21 dragons and got a musical score lol


how do you get Pyroviper?


That would be the final evo of sizzler, which is found firectly north of Azid Ziggurat in the desert (the pyramid.)