Where are all them "Oldies" at??????????

I miss all them Oldies that were here b4!!! Y have you all gone on to the Darkside? And play Brave Frontier now? Well I guess im on there too but at least I have stayed! So if there are any oldies left on the Forum let it be known!!! I don’t want to think im a loner anymore!!! So if you have been on the forum from December 2013 or b4 please complete the poll!!! If u arnt from b4 then still complete it! Thanks. Ps Your votes wont be seen! your identity is safe :wink:

Life can be a hassle soooooooo…yeah.

Life happens, bud

I’m still here. And I don’t play Brave Frontier, nor do I know what it is. I’m just busy working.

So i joined in i think June/July/august… Still holding out for the update

“Oldie”? Why I’d never

haha, jk

Just played some HI a few days ago. Nostalgia filled me. I miss PvE eheheh

Still here, just…busy… :U

I play bf, but I still play HI. Its just a fun way to wait for update. Im a oldie, I was here a looooong time. I know what you mean though. Remember Dajahara, Tiberius, (he comes on every once in a while, but still) Mason, Zoroark, Blixitia, And many many others. The Fact of matter is, they probably have better things to do in life then spend forever waiting on a game. They might have jobs, or school. Or they could even have a family crisis That would make them Busy. No offense to the devs or game supporters,(As I am one :slight_smile: ) but this game isn’t worth your ENTIRE LIFE. New People do come on, but it Is not quite the same. You don’t know them like a old friend, and its kinda hard to be a happy community of friends with all the new people only joining to complain, and some older members complaining Aswell. It Kinda ruins the whole “Together” thing, when we go hating on each other and making threads and PM’s (I haven’t seen any, but Im pretty sure they are existent, with everyone being at each others throat all the time) that are harmful, Offensive, Complaints that are useless, or just downright inappropriate. It is kinda sad what happened here just because a single game update is a little late. Im sorry if this is insulting but let me say, there are alot of kind active people that have been here the whole time, and thats good :slight_smile:

Just because you’re here participating on the forum doesn’t mean you think the game is your entire life. For example, I still hang around here while spending most of my time doing my work.

Exactly my point, but some people think that just because a update for a game is late that their whole life and existence is put on hold. Honestly, it’s just a game update. Everyone should have something better to do then refreshing the screen every second of iTunes waiting for an update.

Its been so long since I been here lol.

I accidently deleted hunter island and I have to start over again T_T

I’m considered an oldie soo yeah XD
And HI is the main game I play, and it’s only glitches 1-2 times on my file. So the update isn’t a big deal for me(EXCEPT THE BAS)

I guess I’m considered an Oldie lol

Doom! Great to see you! So thats another legit oldie back XD

And sorry to hear that, may the HI gods be in your favor.

I havent played this for a while.I joined this game around June-July…so Id consider myself a veteran.I come on around monthly.So yeah,im sure very few of you remember me.

I believe I am in this area.
And yes,I do remember them.I think I can contact Infer and ask if he came back here for your sake,if he left.(Infer=Zoroark)

Doom!!! YOU’RE BACK!!!


By dajahara, did you mean me? Cause technically I’m not an oldie. I joined in February lol.


LOL. Well, I’m not an oldie at all, but life is just being harsh. It’s probably been like half a year since I came back to this forum. Probably because I quit hunter island a little before that. I came back to visit da community tho. :slight_smile: It’s nice here.