When will pvp season 4 end?

Does anyone know how long a pvp season is? :joy:

There is news section where you can check

Thanks man hahha cant wait to see my ranking in low
Tier :joy:

excited for the rewards :grin:

Ranking is done based on your battles in second half which begins on 18th.
Also be careful while u go on such a huge win rate and climb leagues. Speaking out of experience :sweat_smile: it ended up real bad for me…

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Don’t listen to professor oak. Keep winning lots… the top PvP bracket always welcomes a hotdog


This is a trap… These people are way too strong unless u have a good strategy !! Kd is baiting u :laughing::laughing: that knife n fork hints a lot !


KD is hinting that the top bracket is going to eat you alive with that emoji!


Thanks both of you for deciphering that hidden code no one would’ve ever seen


We are code breakers. Specialising in the really hard to break codes. It was a tough one but we managed to figure out your evil plans

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Code breakers !!!

Can pvp take a 1 month break?

U know what we should do… Join myth busters !

Just don’t play then. It’s good to have the possibility to always grind anything

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So its a trap all along :joy:Now i think i should feed a couple of battles now in the 2nd part thanks proffesor!

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