Can we have PvP on all the time?

Even if the season doesn’t “officially” start. I don’t see why it has to end for like a week.


Servers will burst up

Naaaa they won’t

Devs were already asked this once, we want pvp pvp PVP and more pvp, I always want to try something and it is really long and unnecessary for the season to stop for so many days, our request It was that after the rank we had available during the days that the pvp rests to prepare the next season, we had pvp without any reward


I agree. That would be nice. Test your team just isn’t the same

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Yep. I was going to say this. A normal PvP section just to set teams and no cost tickets and no rewards and also available 24hrs. Even when Other PvP are down.

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I was just going to open a new thread about test your team section…