What's the benefit to pvp

What is the benefit to pvp

Diamonds -> Tickets, Gold, Rank Boosters, Monsters.

Bragging Rights.

Eggs, though I wouldn’t really count them as worth PvPing for. 

How do the tickets work and how do u get off crescent island

You use a warp gate and tickets are used to access online missions and PvP battles.
First, visit the tower and beat the guards protecting the gate. Then you can use warp gate if I remember correctly.

Simply Said : the prizes

Benefits are: anger at the disconnects.
Loneliness of trying to find a player.
Rage at the yay i won but were gong to count it as a loss.
Oh and also some rewards ehich should be better. Considering the amount of hours grinding it will take to get all

For the rank boosters that you earn from PvP, do you have to use it immediately after you won them or can you stock them for later use?

You have to use them immediately, therefore, it is best to wait and claim them for when you know you can use them.

What is the benefit to pvp


What is the benefit to pvp

To me now, leaderboard & kamiwyrm… if anyone wants to do pvp swap, add my GC, tajid73

Kamiwyrm isnt all that strong but. Yes he has high def but attacks are pretty meh. Reincarnate is good if it summons something strong lol

Let’s test it once I get it, 28K more to go!

I will post its level 99 status…

Lvl 99 stats are
Hp 2353
Atk 1453
Magic 2016
Speed 23
Def 2256
Resist 2256


R u a hacker?

THAT stats. Should be a 20-star rather than a 12-star LOL.

lol worth the effort first… Im 10K away!!!

I have two devices my iphone for playing fair on games and my ipod for working with developers to discover all exploits on games.
Purely use my ipod to find weaknesses, however i dont use it for online play and keep it offline.
It was probably one of the easier games ive cracked. But i do hope my private message helps them

That’s indeed worrisome. Makes me wonder how many Kamis are legit…actually, I know most of em aren’t. Lol. We’ve got Tajid and…um…that’s pretty much it, if I recall correctly. 

Me? I’m only at 400k. Don’t have the time to battle…that, and I’ve had it glitch on me about 100 times. Not gonna let my ratio get ruined even more.

Also there’s another guy called Dunston a few weeks ago right? :slight_smile:

I am surprised that anyone still worries about their ratio considering how easy it is to manipulate by forced exits. I am not the least bit concerned that I have around 600 losses. They help to get to the Kamiwyrm faster before it becomes almost obsolete by the new arks being introduced.