What'd you hatch this festival?

I haven’t hatched anything yet myself but I will soon, I’m just interested what you guys got :slight_smile:

Got the new legendary but now iam not sure if worth evolving

60 spins 1 legendary dupe

Got the last desperate double super epic though, so yay?

4 Super epics with movesets the same as monsters that I already have.

So basically dupes

How many are there and, dungeon challenge would be pretty easy then xD

Got Gunfish which I didn’t have before guess I should feel lucky.

I just got my sixth sanctalion dupe ( fml ) and cyberdrake.

As far as I know one for each element so six.

Last encore egg I wanted lava, did 60 spins , got 3 legendaries I didn’t have.

This ‘festival has really pissed me off’

Did pretty well for myself got some super rares I didn’t have but several legendary I didn’t have

I got another Zilch.

Ground assisted super epic and 3 epics. Trash

10 rolls, 0 epics…undamnbelievable

Sounds like my luck when I was trying to get lava hawk I couldn’t get hardly any legendaries only came out with the other one which I wanted lavahawk

I did like 4 spins last festival and got both lavaronix and deodragon :stuck_out_tongue: Dreadghoul from a previous festival

I pulled a sharknight and epic dupes.

I got a pearex to go in my assisted thunder line up and a bunch of dupes

I got a zilch. It isn’t very good.

Used by free 20 gems for 2 epics, a random super epic that I cba to care or remember, and a Leafy, which actually turns out good, as it becomes another DDer.

Now I actually have a decent shot at floors 72 and 80 as I had been lacking a fast DDer for a while to complete my frontline.

What’s a zilch

Zilch means nothing.

Oh xD I thought it was a mon I’ve never heard of