Valentine's Day Eggs

Rolled 3 packs.
1st pack: valorpup and kami
2nd pack: bane dupe
3rd pack: santistag
3 more packs left.

1 pack.

Bane dupe and fill in the blank:___________

Bonus points if you can fill in this blank for my day 500 rare gems:___________



All Bane?

I did 1 pack and got my guaranteed. Galliodragon, one of my first legendaries which I’ve now got 5 or 6 times in total. He’s sat on +8 lol you can’t get a faster stun flash than that!




Sactallion dupe+oak dupe

6 packs, + 2 rare eggs. 11 Legs all dupes except for featured leg that I ended up rolling 3 times. All legs I rolled are benchwarmers except shiva, so not all bad. Got 4 legs in one pack as well.

Tried two rare eggs and all se dupes.

Did a single and got a cryo dupe, just wow. I’m going to skip dropping a pack on this festival though, already have 2 of the featureds and not interested in Sweetfeather. Hoping St. Patricks will be better.

1, 10pk. 4 epic dupes, 1 super epic dupe, 3 new epics, 2 legends: wraithhost and sanctallion.

Did 3 ten packs got bane in the first which was new and got sweet in the 3rd which is the one I really wanted.

Only one I don’t have is Uto so I’m not rolling anymore.

Made One 10in1 Pack, ended with 3 legs, midas (dupe), cyclo ( dupe) and cryoling (new)

rolled one pack got the same legendary i got from the last 4 guarantee legendary eggs i only have about 10 legendaries… used my rare gems got another dupe so i’m now 0/11 think i’m just going to take a long break from this game just not feeling it anymore.

1st pack
Sanctistag & Tiamazus

2nd pack

Not bad but I want Cyclo…

4th pack: Oni dupe
5th pack: nothing
6th pack: :grinning:

Before I describe my hatch results, I would like to mention that before I rolled this festival I was missing only 4 legendaries from the normal pool of legends so already the odds of hatching new legends are against me. I was missing stag and wraithost from the limited legends available and I got wraithost.

I opened 6 packs and got 5 new legends:

I was trying to hatch pietwig but unfortunately I didnt.

I can’t really complain because from my the 4 legends i was missing from the normal pool I hatched 3 so this means im only missing 1 legend from the normal pool(CYBERDRAKE).

Friends, from what I’ve seen this festival is kind.

I wish I had some gems to spend.

Good luck everyone.

Sorry man. 4 dupes in a row is really rough. Especially with 10 legs. I have 8 (now 10 as of this morning) but I duped twice. The RNG is cruel.