Festival eggs available!!!

It’s time to show off what you get from the most expected festival!

Halocron and loch after 3 packs.


is unicolt or tridrakyn any good i also got tiamof altho i had a flarevern already

I didn’t have any legendary until today but now I have 9 total… I couldn’t believe my eyes when and didn’t know this was possible. I just want to share my happiness with you all.


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Merged 3 topics into one so we can keep all of the festival egg discussion in one place. As for me, After about 4 months of saving, I blew 6 packs, and got Fox, Terror, BB, Dollguini and Komaguard. Not a bad pull at all I must say, though I really wanted Moji… :frowning:

I pulled Fox today which I’ll take not a bad pull at all really wanted the penguins though lol

Rolled 1 pack because there’s a 100% chance to get a legendary and I got stupid Tia, damn. Moving on Christmas and New year egg.

Dev should post your result on Facebook.

Just got a Banedragon from festival egg. Is it any good?

Yeah,he’s a great counter for sleeplock

You’re very lucky.Nice.


I’ve not the same lucky my friends… i’ve spend 500 gem for shit… what’s happened? I’ve got only legendary guaranted with 1, 3, 6 and 9 pack…

here, you can see what i spend:


and here this is one example of what i earn…


of course i’ve got some super epic in the other pack but, i’m so disapointed.

Good luck for the others!

opened 7 packs and got 4 dupes (2 celestrions 1 cybereon and mechaviathan) 4 new legends toxling bucklerwing mojimo and bovlor also opened a special egg and got talopawn

Congrats! That was an incredible haul :slight_smile: Have fun with all your good legendaries.

I too got lucky, as I wrote in another thread. 3 packs bought and I got:
Delugazar (x2), Penguinator, Aegisdragon and Celestion (dupe).

I would’ve loved to get Hellfox but both Aegis and Penguin are ones I’ve wanted for the last year.

I’m undecided on how good Mojinator is. I love the design but in practice is it worth 13 cost in your team I’m not sure. It probably only stands out in stealth teams.

Thank you so mush devs… I bought 96 gems a then opened my 2nd and 3rd pack in 2nd wasnt any legendary monster and in 3rd I found 2 legendary monsters and sadly both was dupes…and I have only few legendary monsters.

Rolled nine packs, 13 legends, 10 were dupes​:joy::joy::joy: but got aegis, bb and penguinator

Opened three packs in main
Got BB terror and clone next stun revenge leg holy type
Sorry don’t know his name
See this link
And open one pack got rexo dupe
Happy with anniversary :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

12 packs

I’d accumulated 400 gems over a long period, I’d used 100 last week and received mecha. This festival used 300 and received 8 legends, no dupes. Account is f2p, nearly two years of playing :ok_hand: