What quality of life improvements do you want?

It is a bit annoying how long these banners last for f2p players and they are kind of annoying to scroll through

I would like a search monster by name button because I still use like a give turn epic monster (beetlebrute) because it is a bug type to go with mantisamurai but it is hard to find sometimes so a search by name button would be great

We already have a button that does that, just scroll with the arrows

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He mean an option to put in a searcher “x monster” and appear just that one


Something that another player had already suggested but would be very useful is that they sold vitality gems, it could have a cost per unit of 1 paid gem, 5 free gems

never going to happen. Monetizing HP boost would instantly kill the game.

Anything they add or remove in the game can kill it because veteran players will always have the advantage. But suggestions to improve the game could be: - Remove youth fruits and give sections to monsters until they reach the maximum level. - Also remove silver coins and make it so that when monsters need to be given the ultimate, it is only with ingredients (which are quite difficult to obtain). - The game should always be free on the Play Store; it’s not the same to pay $1 for a game you don’t know than to buy gems if you like the game. - The download process should have an optimized version because it’s not comfortable to have 1.25GB of data and a new player would delete the game due to how long the download takes. - There should be a ban time online but the account should be recoverable as in Free Fire. - Improve matchmaking mechanics. - For the filter option, also deactivate the second form of all mythical girls (even if they don’t give much visually). - The possibility of skipping the entire story mode (here in Cuba they sell a save file that has only completed story mode). Although these improvements would enhance the game, they cannot be implemented for some reasons, so asking for more events where veteran players will always have an advantage.

Also, it is not necessary for them to sell you the 100 HP crystals in one day; they can sell 2 or 3 daily. And it could be limited to a maximum of 4 monsters with increased life on a team.

Please adjust the Defense of Verosia event team saving technique.

Right now I have to build 4 short teams at event start, because the saved teams from before were the long teams.

Then after the slots expanded, I have to build 4 long teams again.

Due to similar teambuilding strategies, the teams will probably repeat into the similar teambuilding style each new event.

Saving that both teams separately would save a lot of time at this already very time consuming and dragging event.


I like to request a change in the daily missions.

Please change:

‘win a bond-quest battle’


‘play a bond-quest battle’

I like to explain my thoughts. Play a silver mission. Play a youth fruit mission. This are other daily missions. In comparison to the bond quest mission, they don’t actually need to be won. But in the bond quest, when you’re at a high level bond quest battle, probably close to 120, losing multiple times in a row is common. So just to quickly complete that daily task, I need to build a whole new team for a low level bond quest, which I probably don’t even want to start yet, just to win that battle. It’s not convenient in my opinion.


This update was good, good buff to monsters that needed it, releasing new events, collaborating with other companies such as anime in the game, it would be a step and a great opportunity for For the Neo to increase its financial market, you have to have a vision of it, take into account each idea of ​​each player in the game, that will draw attention to the Neo, which is a game that Even despite its age, it has a lot to offer, and players love playing this game because it is entertaining, so why be harsh with the players? Nobody is going to win anything that way. So two key points would be
.Bring out new offers, events, both p2w and f2p to increase the number of players and the financial market .take a little more into account the players’ opinion about the game,

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