What even is this?

Here is the new MYTHICs skill set. Second form and third form. I’m personally not rolling for this, I don’t have the money to roll for any mythic anyway, but what is this garbage. It’s unusable. You can give your enemy 1 shell at a time? Maybe 2? You get a boost from having a (Super)shell in your side? So what. That jester mythic is 10x better as a shell counter and both lunartic and that abomination known as GF Sunflower produce more shells! If you changed that to single counterstrike itd be a SE at best. Even then it’s garbage


The mythic is trash but the legeee is something good I liked it a lot and its ability to change elements is even greater

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when i saw her name i thought its gonna be another lemon with broken passive.
i am glad it doesn’t lol
i honestly think her passive will be broken when i saw her skills, like put 3 shells in enemy when entering…


If that shell enters the field before her turn or you don’t have yours on field she’s just a double counter strike (or normal attack).

I think she’s cool.
Can Backstab into a Stun Absorber at will, the Stun Absorber gives her 100% ATK/DEF boost and it forces your opponent to have at least one Bronzeshell in the field, or else you can kill one enemy of your choice.
2nd form is shid but final form is at least useable, in my opinion

Yeah it amazes me how they can make some broken mythics and then also stuff like this. Second form is practically unusable and the final form can use the bronzeshells to charge double counter strike.

The moveset either needs a drastic overhaul to make it easier to function or the moves need to be heavily buffed like making all the “unwanted” moves 50-70TU and/or making double counter strike be a double counter slash. Lime being crazily tanky doesn’t make it suddenly be good.

Looking at this next to Leira is ridiculous. Why didn’t Leira come with the low speed and restrictions like Lime has? With all Lime’s restrictions you’d think maybe it needed to be stopped from being broken. However, Leira is roaring entrance, makes a far more problematic “token” for the opponent, has extra combo synergy and requires absolutely nothing from your teammates to perform well (unless you want to backstab her after mermaid’s hex because you don’t like counter slash / elemental massacre in the scenario).

Lime’s restrictions:

  • Low speed, slow to get going
  • Not in FL because you want the entrance (I think?)
  • You need plant teammates (not for her stats boost, for the union attack on any Supershell she creates - otherwise they’re pretty useless)
  • If the enemy team have a Bronzeshell on the battlefield you basically HAVE to double counter strike (two moves are disabled and the third may be too)
  • Unwanted reinforcement/equality have the same restriction so you’ll always have to pick between the two. Equality is clearly better because it instantly kills an enemy but the Bronzeshell can kill itself off before Lime gets another turn so it doesn’t set up double counter strike. Reinforcement can potentially set up DCS but it’s not guaranteed

I’m pretty sure with just a small amount of testing it will be easy to see the moveset is way too heavily restricted and things don’t line up how you want them to.

Double counter strike (160TU) → Double counter slash (160TU)
Unwanted equality (130TU) → (70TU)
Unwanted reinforcement (100TU) → (50TU)
Unwanted conversion (70TU) keep the same
Gaia awakening → this monster is also a plant in addition to its other types
[second form make the moves on the left here, basically how the final form currently is]

Now what will happen is you’ve got a relatively quick way to create a supershell, the supershell should have union attack charged, unwanted reinforcement is an efficient way to create bronzeshells in the enemy team and unwanted equality sets up a powerful damage move. What keeps it all in check is Lime is low speed and the opponent can kill off any bronze/supershell teammate of Lime and it has to sacrifice another team member to set up the powerful moves again. When something is low speed and possible to control that makes it a quite reliably balanced monster. The only serious threat which Lime always poses is countering fire monsters but it’s good for Lime to have a backup plan.

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Dont touch leira please

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100%. It’s idiotic that she creates a super shell but it can’t even use its main attack move