What is the best Ark for OM for now.

Many says Frizzelon , if I remember the name right.


Yep it’s somthing like frizzlon


Frillzeon is somewhat useful now but currently unobtainable sadly

Its in gold eggs

Plasmorex FTW. Frill is good, but i prefer plasmo for its defense. Defense is the best offense

With the event Cyrowyrm turns Frillzeon in to a last meal…


It really depends on the arkadians in the OM dungeon for that week. Cryowyrm will be slightly better offensively and a LOT better defensively, but Frillzeon is guaranteed to go first, making it incredibly useful (as time is of the essence in OM). BUT there’s only a select few arkadians that will be able to go before Cryowyrm anyway.

An army of plasmorex’s is the best that is easily obtainable. Throw in a couple shadowlances and the shadow ocarina and your set. If you have a gearwolf you can throw it up front too. That setup will work for you nearly every week as I’ve yet to see a holy dungeon. Frillzeon and cryowyrm teams can work some weeks, and will be better than that plasmorex teams when they have the right setup in the dungeon, other weeks they will suck. The other problem with the cryo and frillz teams is that you won’t be able to get anymore cryo’s after thursday, and you can only get frillz from gold eggs and unless your an egg timer you’ll spend tons of money trying to get enough of them to be worth it.

Cyrowyrm  is my answer before I make this tread.

Agree with most of your points, except that some weeks Frillzeon/Cryowyrm will suck. Level 99 Frillzeon’s will OHKO almost all water arks that are in the dungeon. I don’t do the dungeons anymore, however I’ve done water dungeons in the past with Frillzeon’s and have easily managed to get the arkadian prize even being in Pool B. I would imagine Cryowyrm would be the same, as it’s actually better than Frillzeon’s in the Infinite Dungeon.

If you have several of either of these two arkadians then they are the better options. Frillzeon especially, just for the guaranteed speed (even though Plasmorex and Cryowyrm almost always go first also - but could save you a few minutes here and there). Plasmorex works well and is easier to obtain, but Frillzeon is still the better option.

There has also been at least one dungeon with holy arks in before, but obviously not very often.

Why does frillz always goes first? His speed is 22, omegawrym has a 25 speed stat

Becuase of desert drop ocarina

I use an army of 30+ Plasmorex with the shadow ocarina lol. Along with a few shadowlances if there are any metal arks

Frillzeon without a doubt. 6 in my lineup, never have to stop during an OM

Why don’t you run Gremknight stego and charcalynx for that jooky seeing as it’s your favourite setup

barry, lol

I’d appreciate someone who does an OM with a line full of Goldius and barricadus.

Cryowyrm was released? What a bummer for me.

Frillzy was great for a LONG while, but he’s not my fav by any means. And tbh it doesn’t really matter. Pretty much an army of ANY kind of AoE sweeper is fine. I used to run a team of 6 Omegas. Changed that to an army of Frillzys…Triphoon works well too. Tanky, Powerful, and heals.