what is rare gem

Noticed with 57 wins in the survival event, you would have a rare gem. what is it?

A egg that has no epics in it, only super epics and legendaries

seems good… next time should be a diamond where only legendaries

It’s not the egg itself, it’s the new currency you use to buy those new and better eggs. I’d guess you need five rare gems to buy the egg.

how many rare gems will be used to hatch on that type of egg?

5 gems are needed to hatch a egg

I guess you have that confirmed. Anything about odds?

It’s all spending gems to get dupes one way or another In The end I guess hehe.

It’s 20% a legendary
So 14% higher then festival I think I say jus save them all up till you have heaps

Alright, now i’m at 101 wins, I will obtain that 3 rare gems at 150 wins and save it instead of using it…hehe
Thank you :slight_smile:

I just try my luck,Thanks rare gems, got my new legendary

I noticed that this increase to 40% legendary hatch rate for the rare gems will only be a temporary thing. Did anyone else see this?

A rare egg costs 240 to buy

What currency??

In US it’s $137 if you do it the most efficient way…dunno how I knew that…I definitely did not spend that this morning and definitely did not get 2 leg dupes out of 5 10-in-1’s and 2 super epics from the free rare egg or the second one…lol definitely didn’t happen.

For me to buy a rare gem it costs 48 dollars you need 5 of them for one egg
The game is p2w and most of us are quiting

Ofc, for someone like you hates dupe same as i.
And for rare gems you can get from spending.
Its obivious.
They supposed think about the epic potions we have lul.

You cant buy them directly, cant you? You have to buy this 10 in 1 egg for 50 gems, so you get one. If youre doing this during a festival, you’ll get the legends from your 50 eggs and the 40% legend from the rare egg. Should be a good share for someone who starts spending right now. Big step towards p2w.

Look our friend 777 xd

I knew they will find a way to sell rare gems…

I hope it may be just for this legend festival. Since you can’t open 10 eggs in the normal egg.

Tbh I also don’t like the idea of selling the rare gems.

Are you exaggerating about quitting? Lol the rare gems also are putting me off the game as well…

Which friend 777 :smiley: ?