what is ELEM?

Also want to confirm following
Solo= no mon of same element
Link= at lest three of same element
Raw= no protector??

Also we often used to get legendary on first rolls in new account. many people used to rerol until they got good mons. Have devs changed something about odds of getting legendary on initial rolls

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ELEM means that it only affects monsters of the same element. So ELEM accelerate on gyomurai accelerates only water monsters by 25%.
You are correct about the mechanics for Solo, Link, and Raw.

The odds are gonna stay the same for initial rolls. If you wanna start over constantly until you get a good monster, wait until you can accumulate 40 gems then roll a pack on the newcomer festival and then restart if it’s not good.


Well that seems like lot of work.btw thanx bruv

Also imo. Until the game have not assigned us retrival code. We can simply copy save file from dataneomon(for Android) keep using it for rolls

Rerolling the first 8 gems you get is not worth it. Maybe if Devs are generous and give a pack in anniversary, it will be worthwhile. But I think the gems will come during a lengthy period so it’s not worth your time to reroll multiple times

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Yup just deleted my alt account. Rerolling was frustating as hell. Sometimes I think this game could have been so much better if devs could have been more generous/less greedy with gems. Idk I am just not used to grind whole freakin month only to get shity mons and dupes which I am never gonna use it.

This happens with everybody brother. I agree with the greed for gems,. 4900 INR neither gives you even 4 packs or promises a legendary or mythic monster.

  • For your RAW skill, it can’t be used with a friendly protector on the battlefield as well can’t be redirected to other monster (overrides protectors).
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Yeah man. Although I get it that it’s their product they can put whatever price. But still man the way this game is going I don’t think it worth that much amount. Also ticket system is equally frustrating

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I agree again. And for the prices, it doesn’t matter how much money I have, what matters is where I use it

I could have understood if it was some fun mmo, etc then maybe it could have been worth that much time (unless u are into those big tiddy mithic mons but it’s almost like Devs are intentionally trying put so many frustrating elements so people would pay. I personally think that neo monsters could have been (especially battle mechanism ) far better then any Pokemon game. But devs are taking big craaap on it

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Oh yes! I now remember some great personalities

Your welcome. It only took two or three minutes lol

It is actually just more than half: 3/4, 2/3, 2/2 or 1/1. So if there aren’t 4 monsters on your side of the field you don’t need all of them to be the right element.

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ELEM is essentially the less restrictive yet less impactful cousin of LINK. You can use it whenever you want, even if nothing else matches your element, but its strength/versatility will improve the more matching allies you have.

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The game needs a tutorial for this especial moves. I remember searching for it inside the game but coud not find it.

While in a battle or your monster list, choose any monster, check it’s skills and click on any skill,;
Then you will be able to see a description of all skills of that monster. Then click on the i just above the lower right corner.
There you can see description for these conditions for skills