What does the skill 'Mark' do?

Recently, I have been using Wickedwings in my team. It has an unusual skillset which depends on, what I think is, a combo of ‘Mark’ and ‘Pullback’. Additionally, he has bloodthirst. But how do you effectively make kills with this ‘Mark’-ability. How does it work?

Probably the best Early UC strategy. If you can synerge all 3 mark mon with proper set up u can get a load of kills

The skill “Marks” an enemy, that way, the marked monsters are targets to skills like Mark Trigger: Kills all opponent monsters that are marked. Wickedwings marks the monsters, then it uses pull back. When it return to the field, the marked monsters die.

Thank you so much!

However, this skill is very much prone to be nullified through skills like wave, thunder, blaze and quake? Since this takes away the marking

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Synerge it with sleep

Yes as Tanbeer said try using sleep or do not attack monsters that are marked to not remove mark