What can you do with repeat monsters?

Spent $28 on gems and with 1 roll left so far I’ve gotten all epics, including a duplicate. Is there anything at all i can do with that?

yup another epic, stopped just short of a legendary too. Man this sucks

I got a duplicate of my omegwyrm and it fused them together and his attack times got reduced

Yeah no your full of it.

Im not joking

I don’t know how it just said i got a repeat it’s probably because it’s legendary

When you get a duplicate, the TUs for that monster is slightly reduced so the moves consume a little less time.

If I’m not mistaken it’s something like 3%. Not really a great difference but that’s what happens.

Finally someone who believes me

I really hope this isn’t the case. This will introduce an imbalance in pvp between cash and free players that can never be overcome. Three percent doesn’t seem like much on its own but if the effect stacks it can get out of hand quickly. 

As ewertonrdrigo said its only a small drop my skills went from 50 to 48, 160 to 155 and 200 to 193

It isn’t much at all

250 - 242

50 - 48

Honestly it is a waste of the egg roll, but it can be quite helpful sometimes

Yeah but imagine someone who ends up spending hundred and those very few who spend over thousands of $$ over couple of months and get multiple same legendary.

eventually the top 1~5% who spend hundreds and thousands will have couple legendaries that are 20~40% reduced skill time and give a HUGE overall damage boost vs players who can’t spend too much.  Even people who spent like $2-300 and have couple legendaries will be no match against a guy who spent $1,000+ and has a stacked team of reduced time legendaries.

In the end, whoever spends the most amount of money / some luck will be at the top of PVP chain.

Oh come on, 3% for every monster repeated is a lot. If someone who willing to spend, that all of those buffs are going to incredable.

The % scale down the more times you have that monster, here I will attach some proof both monster have the same skill and timer the only difference is the Yeticon is +7 and the Crimgaroo is +5 the difference is 1second in 1 skill and in the others is 3 seconds, so the first time you get the monster repeated you get a bonus of 3.2% (in some cases the game rounds up to 4%) less time on skills but this % will scale down to a point it is worthless to do it on purpouse the more times you have it.

This is the info I collected about the % the time goes down on each state
+1 = 3.2%
+2 = 6%
+3 = 8.8%
+4 = 12%
+5 = 13.6%
+6 = ???
+7 = 14.8%

This data may not be 100% correct but should be close enough

I have a question:

Why Shadowhunter +7 and +9 are nothing different. Sleep skill is 59 sec in those



+7 tu 59 after accelerate its become 49
+9 tu 59 after accelerate 48

Hey Shinichi, If you don’t mind, please refrain from replying to extremely old threads and bumping them back up to the top, it’s bad forum etiquette. Going to have to lock it now as per the protocol. In the meantime however, in response to your question, each level of bonus reduces the times by a certain percentage, and the new totals are rounded if they aren’t whole numbers. Once a monster is bonused to 5 or higher, each additional level decreases time by a quite insignificant amount, as you can see in this times/bonuses chart. This is why I make a habit of bonusing each of my legendary monsters to only 5 instead of 9 in order to conserve potions. Next time you have a question like this, please just start a new thread. :slight_smile: