What are your OP monsters?

For me, its Don Penguini (Legendary, non-ultra [Almost able to ultra evolve, 80% currently])

I had him as my only monster in my team for 3 of the Grand Four, and The Grand Champion match and it WON ALL OF THEM ALONE (I had a few defeats though). Being the only monster, it was able to use Last Bite, which deals a massive amount of damage (and only took 50 sec), not only that it converts 40% of the damage dealt into hp for itself.

What about you guys? xD

Penguini and dragaia are both pretty op on their own.
I would say either rexo, because blood fury kills everything in 1 hit, or perhaps aegis dragon just for sheer utility.
Bahamuzar is a possibility but it needs support to work.

For me it’s rexo I’ve built a team around him to make rexo untouchable and I just one shot entire teams

Dragaia, as last bite wins otherwise unwinnable matches.
Serapheon, When you get 2 or more risky heal all working you just get far ahead.

Atrahasis is probably my most op mon. I’ve got both last biters too so I guess those would be next on my list.

Does serapheon have stealth teammate
I can’t remember

no, AoE, purify, give turn, risky heal all, stunning entrance and hold ground.


Other than rexo and dragaia, I love my omegadragon

Not being an owner of Rexo / Last biters, I have to say Ultimadragon + Seraph.   Between them they sweep teams (double survivor about 4 guys, then bloodthirst, with seraph risky healing)

I can’t wait to get ultimate hate to say it il probs drop 300 or more for it hopefully it don’t take that much

Yeah aegis and ultima are coming home to my house some day