What are good tactics for stopping minespider

Hi kind of what the topic is called I would also like to know how it’s moves work.

The best way is to stasis/lullaby it because the tu earned does not count towards the detonation bonus, also metal slash arks like scorpionix and octoneer are key because they can overcome any guardian protecting them due to multi hit metal slashes. If you don’t have them then just aoe like crazy and hope you can kill him before 100 tu which isn’t easy especially if it metallizes.

It’s moves are shock, metallize, detonate, and otherhunt too lazy to look up all the info but that’s the basics hope that helps

Shock has a percent chance of stunning an opponent for 50 TU.

Metallize raises its resist and defense by a certain amount (lower than reinforce/bolster).

Detonate attacks all 3 enemies by sacrificing Minespider and its damage increases by 300% for every 100 TU it spends in battle (AFTER it has taken a turn – so if it gets stunned for over 120 TU and you try to detonate, it will NOT have the same effect).

Otherhunt is like metal slash/dracobane/etc., but efficient versus “other” creatures such as Vortexor.

Or like the guy i just faced, get ten bonus actions with an a (or lower) ranke typhonwyrm, killing the guardian then killing minespider.

>:( i would’ve won if he didn’t get those annoying ba’s

But in all seriousness, minespider is especially hard to stop unless you have a octoneer or Scorpionix in the right place. Or you could defeat all guardians you see so that when minespider comes out, nothin is guarding it.

I lullabied it multiple times & the TU is counted, even if it never got a single move before timebomb.

The answer will vary. But octoneer, scorpionix are 2 great options.

In the old days, I normally scapegoated my mossgolem, minespider detonates, last will is activated. My SS & Minespider still survived, I timebombed, then next coming healers & hasters.

Omega and arkwing help to because there both elementless and powerful and have AOE attacks. If using AOE with omega then use supernova NOT terminate as mine spider has more defense than resist

Yes forgot to mention Arkwing’s Tachyon can OHKO Minespider (unbuffed).

Omega’s vengeance however can’t unless he’s one of the last arks alive.

Against smart minespider users, octoneer is not a counter to it. At least I wouldn’t consider it as such (since it cannot 1 shoot it while buffed). To be honest, there is really no counter to it other than Scorpionix. Even Vegicat is not a counter to someone that knows how to build a line up with a minespider.

Too bad I don’t own a minespider. 1 ark to kill 3. It has stun before and after it dies. Elementless ark. I can keep going…

After it dies?

Definitely vegitiger is not a solution, with the existence of SS & other arks that are capable of decoying/guardian.

Use Barricadius…I know it sounds weird but if Minespider is at the back of their team then Barricadius can survive with around 1/3 health left as long as no other arks are left and minespider is pressured to using it before 300tu has passed…at least that worked when I did it