sleeping minespider

I was under the impression that a sleeping mine spider was not supposed to be able to detonate and have the TU count towards its attack?  But someone just beat me by constantly putting every ark to sleep and then detonated minespider…?

I was under that impression to & the same has happened to me - i still won though…

not sure if this was intentional or glitch…

Of course the TU spent sleeping is going to count towards the % damage… if you read the detonate description it says nothing about sleeping or any status effects which logically makes sense. But it’s a normal ark so there’s no way you can control it while it’s asleep. 

Sounds like a good strategy, but no, sleeping minespider is harmless minespider :stuck_out_tongue:

I had just read in numerous places that it wasn’t supposed to count while it was sleeping… so it was a little disappointing haha 

I’ve seen this also recently, however in my experience the TU’s spent sleeping have always counted.

I’ve never personally had the TU count, so I ended up ditching Minespider.

well i very much wish the TU hadn’t have counted haha i was on a 17 game winning streak before the mine spider blew up along with my streak… haha

The thing is if you stun minespider & his turn gets skipped multiple times, next time he gets a turn, his timebomb wouldn’t work.

He needs to get a turn first for it to work.

The same should apply for sleep. At least he should get a turn first, otherwise there isn’t really anyway to counter him especially when guardian is on…