I was wondering how best to use minespider, i got lucky on a golden egg and got him, and was just wondering how best to use him! Do i use metallize and keep using TU then blow myslef up or what? Thanks

Put him behind a tank or flash bomber. Wait for 200 TU, and then BOMB!

In PVP, if you want to play cautiously, you can skip turns, so that you can think about whether to time bomb after opponent’s each move.

yeah i normally do that same as li0163. put him behind a stunner or a tank and use Metallize or skip turns depending on how the match is going.

Always use otherhunt.

…just kidding.

Yeah, the above posters are correct. Your goal is to protect mine spider until it’s powered up. Then, blow them up as if they were…hmm…idk, something you hate?

Isn’t it sad… Minespiders only purpose in life is to kill itself…

Otherhunt can be good… Jumboid/Vortexor.