What about the SE pots.....?

When the new pot system was implemented the Leg pot monthly income was increased (doubled) BUT there were no change in the SE and epic pots income. Right now the SE pots are almost as rare as Leg post and taking in count everyone has much more SEs than legendary and now we have to take em to +9 so we need LOTS of them. i think the SE pot event drop rate should be doubled as they did with legs pots (same for epics but this ones are not that important because most players have an unlimited source of them from epic dupes)


Haha I’m lacking epic potions right now I can’t pot some low stars cuz I upgraded epic potions into SE pot lol😂
I agree with this they should increase the number of SE pots

can u pls like stop this type of threads. u aint getting ur pots back. Waifus and their tiddies will take control of neo and be the new meta. and neo wont see the light in the future.
Just accept the fact and stop resisting. just open ur heart and accept this reality


be 1 of us


You’re crazy :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’ve never really found SE pots to be a problem at any point in my time playing the game. You get SE pots from events so you can get some to +9 with time. Then later you get floods of them once you start getting some of the standard SE pool to +9.

Having them at +9 isn’t as important as having legendaries at +9. Reason being, in the end there are only a few SEs that are really worth using. Therefore you don’t need as many SE pots as you do legendary pots.

However, I do agree it makes sense to have all types of potions increased from events. Now that all 0-3* monsters can take epic pots we need LOADS of them to get them all to +9 lol.

P.S. I’m 1 SE pot away from having every SE I own at +9 (which is all apart from ~5). So excited!!

basically kd here agrees with u MementoMori because he want to finally pot all of his se to +9.
he doesnt care about ur cause in ur thread.
Even players are now using u. Just give up mate. Accept this new developed neo.

Dude, what do you keep going on about? :joy: he’s literally arguing that the SE pot amount should match the amount of legend pots that we get since they increased the legend pots in the ‘new developed neo’.

What are SE spots?

They are super epic bonus potions.


Well I didn’t use any pots on my mons until like a month ago so no problem for me

I have all of my SEs potted to +9

Get on my level @Killerdog

Lol, you got me there! Give me a few days and I’ll have one from PvP or Mythic Colosseum

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I’m not begging for 50 free se pots but they should at least give more than legend pots in events.