Weapon Evolution Question / possible bug

So I’m wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question as it may be a possible bug?

When you evolve a character in the evolution screen, it shows the character/monster stats jump due to evolution. They retain their boost stats and their awakenings.

However, when you look at a weapon in the evolution screen, it resets all of its awakenings and boosts back to zero? Can anyone confirm if this is a bugged screen, or if this is just specific to weapon evolution in general?

I find it hard to believe that all boosts and awakenings would disappear for weapons, but not the characters.

Thanks guys!

That doesn’t sound right!!!i am thinking that is a bug.

It was a bug - just to clarify for anyone who runs into this issue. Your weapon, although not displayed in the Evolution tooltip - will retain all awakenings and boosts.